Pink Marmalade X Crisis

This November, we are partnering with five up-and-coming artists from across the UK to create five hand-designed, very limited-edition bottles to raise funds for Crisis UK. The Artists involved are Georgie Sladen, Louisa Foley, Tommy Gurr, Anna Jaxe, and Annie Grainger.
We will be giving away each of the five bottles to five winners. All you have to do to enter the draw is donate on the justgiving page accessible through the button below. The minimum donation is £5 but there is no maximum. All proceeds will go to Crisis at Christmas.
With this campaign, we hope not only to raise funds but to increase the awareness of the inequality that exists all around us. Given the close link between alcoholism and homelessness, we feel it’s only right that as an alcohol brand we don’t hide from the issue but instead play an active role in giving something back.