Premium Colour Changing Gin

Emphatically Citrus. Decidedly Smooth

Distilling in small batches, we marry pink marmalade, pink grapefruit and pink peppercorn with another 10 choice botanicals to create this dry, zesty and ultra-premium gin.

Furthermore, the addition of the 'Butterfly Pea' flower results in a majestic colour changing effect, turning the gin from a cool blue to a subtle rose pink.


The Pink Marmalade
Care Package

All you need for a premium gin and tonic delivered to your door.

Inside you'll find Pink Marmalade Gin and 5 bottles of Fever Tree tonic water for a taste of luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Treating someone? Why not customise your bottle with a handwritten message. The perfect gift to send to a friend in isolation.





Angelica Root

Pink Peppercorns

Coriander Seeds

Dried Grapefruit Zest

Fresh Grapefruit Zest

Orris Root

Liquorice Root

Kaffir Lime Leaf

Juniper Berries


Orange Zest

Pink Marmalade is a marriage of traditional ultra-premium distillation techniques and modern exciting flavours. Distilled in small-batch, single-shot copper alembic pot-stills, only the smallest cut of optimum quality spirit is selected for product. Contained within this ultra premium spirit is an exciting and emphatic array of flavour profiles that present themselves in a noticeably elongated time sequence.

The bold yet balanced plethora of citrus and fresh elements is made palatablely smooth through the inclusion of chamomile, almond and liquorice root. Finally Lime leaf, pink peppercorns and salted pink marmalade close off the flavour sequence with a subtle hint of complexity that cements this gin as undeniably premium as well as unprecedentedly exciting.

Wow your guests and watch the magic unfold when you add tonic to our ultra premium colour changing gin.

Today, most distilleries choose to use large column stills rather than pot-stills in favour of their short run time and lesser costs.

While the pot-stills we use may be less efficient from an engineering perspective, superior texture and spirit quality is a direct result of their inefficiency.

The clunky alembics cling on to every last flavour molecule that can be extracted from a botanical charge, resulting in an almost vicious spirit that is saturated with aromatic oils.

Selecting only the smallest window of optimum quality spirit results in an exquisitely pure, hangover free gin.

Why not accompany a pink marmalade gin with our bespoke spanish style fountain?

This 8ft neon soaked statement piece is an essential element for any stand-out event. Featuring a lionhead tap, a bustling foliage wall and a tiled backdrop it’s set to turn heads.

Alongside, stands a handpicked foraging table full of citrus fruits, fresh herbs and botanicals of your choice. The fountain is supplied fully staffed making it the perfect addition to any wedding or private event.

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The mark of a truly premium spirit is a sipping experience that lingers and evolves long after each taste. Crafted in small batches, Pink Marmalade’s slow distilled, single-shot gins showcase just how well a gin can be made in all categories: recipe, texture and nose.


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